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This is where you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

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Why book a tour with us?

By choosing Les Tours Barberousse, you will visit the unique Parc Omega in a safari-style tour in our minibus. Lead by our experience guide, you will have a up-close encounter with the canadian wildlife. 

How does a typical day goes by?

Please meet your guide at the minibus 15 minutes prior to departure time. The drive to the Parc Omega last about 90 minutes (125km/75miles). When we arrive at the park and before we start the safari, you will be given a short break to use the toilet and stretch your legs. After the first part of the park is completed, there will be time for a lunch break and to visit the pedestrian section of the park. Finaly, we will complete the safari and you will have one last short break before we head back to Montreal. 

How long does the tour last?

A typical day is about 8½ hours including transportation.

Will we see animals during the tour?

Yes, you will see animals during the tour. Although we can't guarantee that you will see all of the animal species living in the Parc Omega. 

When is it possible to use the bathroom during the tour?

The drive to the Parc Omega is about 90 minutes. We suggest that you use the bathroom before boarding the bus. The nearest toilets are located in the basement of the Tourist Information center. You will have the opportunity to take a bathroom break once we arrive at the park, during the lunch break and before we leave the Parc Omega. In case of an emergency, please tell our guide and he/she will, if possible, make a stop in a rest area on the way. 

Where does the tour starts?

The tour starts (and ends) in front of the Marriott Château Champlain hôtel (1050 rue de La Gauchetière Ouest /  Bonaventure subway station), in downtown Montreal. Look for the yellow mini school bus. 

In which languages is the tour?

The tours are bilingual (french and english).

Will we be sitting in the bus for the whole duration of the tour?

No we won't. During the lunch break, you can walk in the pedestrian section of the Parc Omega. There, you can feed the deers, go to the wolf observation deck and walk on the suspended bridges between the trees.

Is there a possibility to buy food at the Parc Omega?

Yes, we take a lunch break during the safari. There, you will have the opportunity to eat your own lunch or to buy food. 

What should we bring for the tour?

We suggest you bring something to drink and your lunch. Most important are clothes appropriate to the outdoor temperature.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Even if the tour takes place in the minibus, windows will be open during the safari at the Parc Omega. You must wear clothes suitable for outside temperature. 

What could lead to a tour cancellation?

Good or bad weather, we run the tour. Only exceptional circumstance would make us cancel the tour: very bad weather making driving dangerous, highway 50 or Parc Omega closed,...

Are the departure guarantied?

For the 2022 season, our tours have a guaranteed departure with 4 paying participants.

Is there space for a baby stroller in the minibus?

We can fit 2 foldable strollers in the back of the minibus. You can send us a message beforehand and we will make sure that there is enough space in the bus to store your foldable stroller on the day of your tour. 

Is there space for a wheelchair in the minibus?

If you or a member of your family is using a wheelchair, send us a message beforehand. We will make sure that there is enough space in the bus to store your foldable wheelchair on the day of your tour.

Are dogs allowed in the minibus?

Unfortunatly no, dogs are not admited in the minibus nor at the Parc Omega.

Is this tour suitable for a baby?

The tour is free for babies age 0-2. However, there is a limit of one baby per adult. The baby muss be held by the responsible adult during the duration of the tour.

Transport Canada does not prohibit transporting a baby in a school bus. However, it is not recommended to transport a baby of less then 2 years old/18kg (40 lbs) that cannot be sitting on its own on the seat. 

What is the cancellation or reimbursement policy?

The bookings canceled 24 hours or more before the tour departures are fully reimbursed.

The tours canceled by Les Tours Barberousse are fully reimbursed.